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Understanding Rape and Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a severe, punishable act that should not be taken lightly. Maybe you hooked up with someone while you were drunk. Maybe a stranger touched you inappropriately in passing. Maybe you were pressured into having sex with your partner. What is and isn’t considered sexual assault? In short, if you’ve experienced unwanted sexual touching, of any kind, then you’ve likely experienced sexual ...

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Supporting Children’s Informal Learning

The traditional view of learning is, perhaps, that it happens in schools. But even a little thought makes clear that this cannot be true: children are learning from a very early age, certainly long before they start school. This clearly means that parents have a key role in helping their children to learn. This page provides some advice about what ...

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Increase the children’s Increasing Independence

One of the hardest things as a parent is to help your children to grow up and develop independence. However it is also one of the most important: children need to be supported in a gradual process of developing independence as they move from the total dependence of babyhood into adulthood and their own lives. This page provides some ideas ...

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Home Education and Remote Schooling

There is no question that home education and remote learning have become more prominent in recent years. They are seen as a solution to anything from school refusal and anxiety among young people through to the price of summer holidays. They are also seen as a way for parents to remove children from the ‘education rat race’ and ensure that ...

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