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K-12 Education

Supporting Children’s Informal Learning

The traditional view of learning is, perhaps, that it happens in schools. But even a little thought makes clear that this cannot be true: children are learning from a very early age, certainly long before they start school. This clearly means that parents have a key role in helping their children to learn. This page provides some advice about what ...

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Increase the children’s Increasing Independence

One of the hardest things as a parent is to help your children to grow up and develop independence. However it is also one of the most important: children need to be supported in a gradual process of developing independence as they move from the total dependence of babyhood into adulthood and their own lives. This page provides some ideas ...

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Looking After A New Baby

Looking after a new baby can be very daunting. You have a small being totally dependent on you for everything. Fortunately, new babies, although demanding, have fairly limited needs. Learn to address those needs and both you and the baby will be just fine. The most important thing to remember is that with small babies, there is no difference between ...

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How can parents help boys grow up happily?

Recent research has shown that there are fundamentally no differences between male and female brains as a whole and how they process information. The differences between individuals are far greater than the overall differences between men and women. Something is very definitely affecting boys though: girls now out-perform boys at every level of school and university, and boys are far ...

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